Police Partner Program

QUALIFIED PARTNERS to sell Guardian Systems products to end customers.


Why become a Guardian System Police Partner?

TBe part of the new security model where we put the money directly into the Individual Police Officer’s pocket. Our model allows for an individual Police Officer to create a micro grid of security for members of his/her community.

While off duty, the Police Partner will be paid to receive alarm notifications to their mobile phone, liaise with the police department to and respond to validated incidents in the micro grid. A new and legal way for Individual Police Officers to capitalize on their status, knowhow and make money while off duty.

What are the benefits of becoming a Police Partner?

Police Partners create and subscribe members to your security micro grid will immediately generate profit and recurring monthly revenue (RMR). It will allow to offer the members of your community a more advanced and affordable alternative to home and business security, monetizing on your already established relationships.

Our new business model is geared toward disrupting the conventional alarm system market, by providing a more reliable, more advanced and cheaper alternative while. We also aim to disrupt the current alarm dealership scheme by taking out the middle man and put the money directly into the Police Officer’s pockets. Our simple goal is to increase business for both ourselves and our Police Partners by revenue sharing and create a better and safer crime free environment in your community.

Generate Monthly Revenue from your Micro Grid

Guardian will pay the Police Partner an established monthly fee per each home or business that is part of your primary micro grid. As long as the member is part of the micro grid, the Police Partner will receive a shared revenue. This fee is to be “on call” during off hours, receive alarm notifications to their mobile phone sent by our Ai-Sentinel Systems, liaise with the police department to and respond to validated incidents in the micro grids.

Generate Monthly Revenue from Other Officer’s Micro Grids

If you get other Police Officer’s to subscribe to the program and create secondary micro grids near yours, we’ll pay you an additional monthly fee for those new members. You can also earn more money by responding to validates events in these secondary micro grids.

Cut out the middle man

Alarm companies simply call up the Police to respond to alarms. Why pay conventional alarm companies for a job that the Police ends up doing anyway? Our model cuts the middle man, and put the power and money directly into the Individual Police Officer’s pocket.


How do I get certified?

The first step is to fill out our online application. We are looking for Individual Police Partners in all areas of the US. For each new area we first make sure there are no prohibitions on this new approach to security.

Certification entails a quick credential check and market analysis on your area to avoid unreasonable competition with other Police Partners. Once certified we’ll send you an on-boarding package with product specifications, business model information and more. To apply you need to be a member (or ex-member) of law enforcement for at least 3 years; be in good standing; have access to text and email 24/7. Certain documentation may be required to apply.

Once certified, we’ll schedule a series of training webinars with you on: a) Technical specifications; b) Ethical Controls; c) Response techniques and more. We come up with a plan to mutually deliver superior services to the end customer and execute it to perfection.

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