Face Recognition

Efficiency and Security in a single system.

Face Recognition

Efficiency and Security in a single system.

Face Recognition at a Glance!

Face Recognitionn Module is an AI video analytics software that detects, extracts and compares in real time faces from individuals within the field of vision.

Intelligence algorithm

It can isolate and match hundreds of positions in a given face increasing the recognition true positive rates to over 95%.


The software can be adapted to apply this technology to any type of project develop by a private or public organization.

VMS & Database

Video management software for unifying surveillance streaming and maximize storage capacity.

Core Features

Rate detection

The module can also control the recognition threshold to increase or decrease positive rate detection to the desired rate on a case by case basis.

Extraordinary database

The Face Recognition Module comes with a specially design database that allows the user to create profiles, whitelist, blacklist, and configure recognition thresholds.

Face recognition dashboard

The dashboard is customizable to show the data required by the User in comprehensible reports and charts

Combine with others modules

Optical Character Recognition Module can be used with others modules at the same time.

Business intelligence

The data is extracted and incorporated into the database for operational or business intelligence purposes.


Ideal for access control, security, risk management and safety, human resources management and much more.


Video Management Software & Event Database.

Included with People Detection Platform.

Video Storage Event Database

The Guardian System approach to video storage event database is innovative and groundbreaking.

  • Maximize storage capacity and keep only the events worth recording.
  • Dismiss events and/or mark it as a false positive if appropriate.
  • Post-incident reviews allow the users to keep track of all events ensuring an accurate account of viewed events.
  • Save on data storage and bandwidth - video is streamed only when needed.
  • Multiple storage options enable integrators to deploy systems anywhere including low/zero connectivity environments.
  • The integrity of the recording is guaranteed by using a digital signal using protection algorism and cryptographic techniques.
Video Management Software (VMS)
  • Customizable interfaces to view surveillance streaming from most Internet-enabled computers.
  • Connect to most open IP cameras, systems, and mobile devices.
  • Configure the settings and parameters of the video content analysis individually per camera to personalize it to your needs.
  • Determine and configure the times the analytics will be activated.
  • Identify specific areas of interests, persons to notify, and type of notifications.
  • Determine specific property to safeguard.
  • Create Regions of Interest (ROI) and Virtual lines within the scope of the camera vision to maximize the computing power and effectiveness of the system.


FACE RECOGNITION Video Management Program & Event Viewer Database




¹Yearly cost. Processing hardware, cameras, labor cost and other hardware are not included and can be quoted separately.Installation costs are quoted separately. Data transfer costs for notifications are not included are will be the sole responsibility of the client.

²Dashboard is made to order with the specific data analysis reports required by the customer and may take 1-2 weeks to compile and confirm from order. Notification functionality may be included in platform parameters. Amount of profiles may affect the true positive recognition rates. High amount of recognition profiles might require out of scope technical support costs.


Select one license

1 Year Base License Yearly Cost Per Device¹

1 Year Base License Yearly Cost Per Device¹


5 Years Base License Yearly Cost Per Device¹

5 Years Base License Yearly Cost Per Device¹


10 Years Base License Yearly Cost Per Device¹

10 Years Base License Yearly Cost Per Device¹


Consultation services are quoted on a case by case basis and can increase depending on the scope of the project.


Software Upgrade Service

Receive upgrades and support any time.

6 Months Software Upgrade Service*

18% (1)
  • Direct Support 7/24
  • New features and updates every month
  • (1) Regular price for the SUP is approximately 18% of the total cost (VMS, DataBase, Module)

*Face Recognition requires a 6-months software upgrade service.


Sales: 1-800-324-5685

What is the recognition rate?

Our recognition rate is over 95% within seconds of detection. We control the environment as much as we can to increase the rate of recognition. We can also control (increase or reduce) the rate of recognition for all the different security and business needs.

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