Dealer Partner Program

QUALIFIED PARTNERS to sell Guardian Systems products to end customers.


Why become a Dealer?

There is always going to be a real need and market for products that keep us safe and secure. For a long time, conventional alarm systems have filled this need, but they as their reputation for unreliability and false alarms increases people are looking toward a more robust and advanced security solution.

Our video analytic products are the future of residential and business security. They also offer better markups and profit margins to dealers than conventional alarm systems.

What are the benefits of becoming a Dealer?

Distributing and reselling our products will immediately generate profit and recurring monthly revenue (RMR). It will allow to offer your current clients a more advanced and affordable alternative to home and business security, further monetizing on your already established relationships..

Our business model is geared toward disrupting the conventional alarm system market, by providing a more reliable, more advanced and cheaper alternative. We also aim to disrupt the current alarm dealership scheme. Our simple goal is to increase business for both ourselves and our dealers by revenue sharing. We differentiate ourselves from other alarm dealers by giving the dealer flexibility and free range to opt for any business model they choose.

Start-up assistance

Guardian can help make getting into the security services business simple and affordable. Little or no capital investment may be required of you.

Shared Revenue

Our products are more advanced and cost effective, making them easier to sell to the End User. Guardian sells the equipment at cost to the End User and shares the monthly surveillance service with the Dealer 50-50, allowing for maximum revenue and minim risk for the Dealer, with installation and activation fees solely for the Dealer.

No inventory required

There is no need to have equipment in inventory as we can deliver equipment right to the dealer or even to the client’s doorstep if desired.


How do I get certified?

The first step is to fill out our online application. We are looking for dealers that will be our partners in all areas of the US, whether you are a start-up that wants to get into the security business, or an established alarm company.

Certification entails a quick credential check and market analysis on your area to avoid unreasonable competition with other dealers. Once certified we’ll send you an on-boarding package with product specifications, MSRP, market analysis, marketing content, and more. We can also send you a demo equipment and other sales materials so you can get to know our products.

We’ll then schedule a series of webinars with your key personnel to train them on: a) Technical specifications; b) Installation and configuration procedures; c) Sales techniques and more. We come up with a plan to mutually deliver superior services to the end customer and execute it to perfection.

Necesita Asistencia?

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