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How to comply with the screening guidelines for COVID-19?

Thermal Image Camera Fever Detection - Covid-19
Opening up America Again. As states begin to ease restrictions on economic activity and allow businesses to reopen, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) published the official guidelines businesses are required to follow.

The guidelines are focused on employers taking steps to develop and implement appropriate policies to guarantee the safety of employees and customers. Most states are instructing businesses to submit certifications they follow these guidelines, so it is imperative to understand their reach and intention.

These policies focus on two main elements:
  • Use of protective equipment and;
  • Implementing a process to monitor the workforce for indicative symptoms.

The guidelines do not go into detail on how this monitoring should be performed, however, it should be a screening method that is:

  • Traceable;
  • Following the industry's best practices and;
  • Results in not allowing symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical provider. 

So, what are the alternatives and how should a business screen its workforce?


Screening with Touch Infrared Thermometer

It does not compliant with social distancing guidance.


Screening with True CheckPoint

It is compliant with social distancing guidance.

Alternative 1 - Perform an FDA approved COVID-19 test to all employees before re-opening. 

This alternative is reliable and complies with the traceability requirements included in the CDC guidelines.

However, this is not a practical alternative. Testing results may take days to arrive and employees can and will get sick while waiting for results.

Businesses would have to test employees every day for this alternative to work, which would be extremely expensive for employers. The testing costs around $10 to $20 for a serology test and more than $100 for a genome test. This is not a practical or affordable option.


Alternative 2 - Using Forehead Infrared Thermometer to screen for employees with fever before each shift

 At the other end of the spectrum, this option is the cheapest and simplest to implement.

However, it is not reliable as fever is not indicator by itself of COVID-19 symptoms.

First, there is a multitude of other symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 infection. Secondly, there is no record of the screening thus failing to comply with the traceability requirement of the CDC guidelines.

Even keeping a manual record of each screening may not be a sufficiently reliable and traceable official company record for lack of chain of custody procedures.

Another issue that may arise is who takes the temperature of the employees. Only official HR representatives may be involved in health-related queries to employees (like taking body temperatures) to assure privacy and confidentiality.

It may be a cheap option, as purchasing a temperature gun cost around $100 - $200. However, is not following the industry's best practices and does not comply with the elements and intent of the CDC guidelines for reopening.


Alternative 3 - Using True CheckPoint

A middle ground between the above options, this method is reliable, affordable, and complies with CDC guidelines and state and federal regulations.

True CheckPoint serves as a screening tool for employees detecting fever and COVID-19 symptoms through a CDC approved medical questionnaire. Any potential symptomatic employees are notified immediately to the employer for immediate medical validation and isolation if required.

It allows for the employees to self-screen in kiosk mode, guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality. It logs each screening in a cloud-based database allowing for traceability from the employer and any agency.

It is also practical and affordable. Simply purchase the App and plug and play the thermal IR device that will be delivered to your door a few days after purchase. Initial purchase start at $199.99 with monthly payments of $49.99, it is designed to be affordable for any type of business looking to reopen.

When considering how to comply with the CDC guidelines, trust the only alternative truly in compliance, True CheckPoint.

Disclaimer of Medical Advice:

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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