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Coronavirus, how does a trusted screening process help consumers return to your business?


When the coronavirus pandemic hit, most businesses were forced to close. The few businesses that were allowed to be open to the public were required to have strict screening measures for both employees and customers.

However, there were no trusted screening methods that would help businesses be COVID-19 free as intended.

How did businesses handle this dilemma?

Some businesses resorted to putting an employee in the main entrance with a temperature gun and took the temperature of all employees and customers as they entered. This created more problems than it solved.

For one thing, the temperature gun is incredibly intrusive as it requires to be inches from the person's face and creates a point of contamination that everyone goes through.

Secondly, there is no record of the screening for compliance purposes and it leaves the decision making in the hands of a low-level employee.

Lastly, it created long lines and was not effective as the temperature is not indicator by itself of COVID-19 symptoms.

Other businesses were smarter and used True CheckPoint

Guacamole's Restaurants in Georgia gave all their franchise managers the App to screen and record all employees before each shift. In seconds, employees are screened for fever and answer a medical questionnaire identifying potential COVID-19 carriers.

Each restaurant shares the screening data in displays so when customers arrive to pick up their orders, they would know they enter a COVID-19 free zone.


True CheckPoint Dashboard

Screening is available for employees and customers.


True CheckPonit Fever Detection

Fever detection is one of the options available. Face Recognition function is available for employees.


True CheckPoint Medical Questionnaire

This function allows doing a deep evaluation of employees' and customers' real-time symptoms.

Chico's Markets in Central Florida uses the App in kiosk mode so customers self-screen before entering the business. Temperature is taken at 4-6 feet so it's safer and less intrusive to the customer. It also allowed for quicker access and reduced exposure.

Customers see the self-screening kiosk and know they can shop with confidence as they are inside a COVID-19 free zone.

Both owners now have visibility of all the screenings through their admin web platform and can take control of any COVID-19 risk red flags in real-time. They also have proof of screening compliance for any government agency that requires it.

As the economy opens up again, a trusted screening process is paramount to help your customers return to your business? Make your business a COVID-19 Free Zone. True CheckPoint can help.

How to comply with the screening guidelines for CO...


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