Do Alarm Systems Work? Confessions of a Veteran Burglar

Traditional Alarm System
In March 2017 a study was conducted to answer a simple question; Do alarm systems work? To find out, researchers 1  conducted interviews and surveys with convicted burglars to get an answer from the criminal perspective. The short answer is… No, they don't work. As told by veteran thief Nick Kyriazis, who is serving 70 years in prison and esti...
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In Security, It’s All About Context

What is the difference between a conventional alarm system and a smart system like Ai-Sentinel? In a word…context. Conventional alarm systems As you know, conventional alarm systems work with motion sensors and window/door magnetic strips. These sensors simply do not have the capacity to differentiate between a real or a false alarm. Thus, any disr...
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How AI Video Analytics Got Me Into Women’s Shoes

AI for high heels
As a company that creates custom made artificial intelligence video analytics solutions for our clients, we've had some pretty unusual requests over the time. We've come to understand that each client has particular problems no one else does and that every industry has certain idiosyncrasies you and I cannot comprehend unless we work there. The pro...
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